"Windy Woods, the scent of Beskid forests hidden in natural cosmetics."

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"Windy Woods, the scent of Beskid forests hidden in natural cosmetics."

-You could say that we were blown by the wind... The gentle one that touches the slopes of the Beskidy Mountains covered with lush forests in our home region - say the founders of the Windy Woods brand, Justyna and Karol.

They have successfully run Wooden Story, an extraordinary brand of children's toys created for generations by their family. Wooden Story has conquered the world, gaining recognition and numerous international awards. Now it's time for the next project, and we are confident that they will do everything to delight their customers.

Windy Woods was initially supposed to be a brand of cosmetics for children, but the founders couldn't stop there. All the cosmetics are vegan, made with respect for the environment, and carefully thought out. There are no fillers or unnecessary ingredients here. Instead, there are only wonders of nature: birch extract, which cleanses and has antioxidant properties, pine needle extract, which aids in removing toxins from the skin, strengthens and firms it, as well as moisturizes, and horsetail extract that restores the natural balance of the scalp. There are beneficial oils and beautiful, natural forest scents.

link to article: https://www.f5.pl/zdrowie/jak-zadbac-o-siebie-na-lato-2 

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