Windy Woods: Natural woodland-inspired skincare for adults, mothers and babies

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Windy Woods: Natural woodland-inspired skincare for adults, mothers and babies - Windywoods

Design and eco-conscious parents are likely already acquainted with Wooden Story – the family manufacturer of handmade wooden toys that has delighted children for 50 years. But, when Justyna and Karol Budek, the latest in the Wooden Story generation, found out they were having a baby of their own, they branched out and launched Windy Woods: a 100 per cent natural skin- and body-care range, inspired by woodland scents and ingredients, in stunning glass and hand-carved wooden bottles.

“Windy Woods is for the whole family. We make products that everybody needs in their home, in premium quality with sustainable ethics,” says Karol. The range encompasses all-natural haircare, body wash, hand wash and hand cream for women and men, and the ‘Mama and Baby’ line of sunscreen, nappy rash cream, hair and body wash, and a nourishing and firming belly oil."

“I use the two-in-one hair and bodywash for my baby and, of course, the nappy rash cream. You can really see the difference compared with standard brands. It’s very smooth and delicate,” says Justyna.

Blown by the wind

The scents are inspired by the couple’s home region – the forested slopes of the Beskidy Mountains that stretch along the Polish-Slovakian border. “The wind dances among the majestic trees, picking up the aromas that float between the undergrowth and the canopy,” says Justyna. Named after the points of the compass – Breezy North, Mysterious East and Jungle South – each scent has its own enchanting woodland top-notes of Pine, Cedar or Peruvian Pepperwood.

“There aren’t a lot of natural forest scents in cosmetics. Many are synthetic and very strong. We wanted to create a range connected to nature, so we also use ingredients from the forest, like birch wood and pine needle extract,” says Karol. Inside every bottle, Windy Woods skincare is up to 99.9 per cent naturally sourced.

Beautiful outside and in, the label has already been spotted by Vogue. The range is wrapped in elegant, eco-friendly glass bottles and every lid is handmade from 100 per cent ash wood. “One of the basic values passed down from Wooden Story was respect for nature,” says Justyna. “We knew there were more people like us. So we came up with this idea. Or, if you prefer, the wind blew, and brought us an idea that smalls like the forest. We just named the idea Windy Woods.”

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