You could say that we were blown by the wind. The gentle one that touches the slopes of theBeskidy Mountains covered with lush forests in our home region. The wind that dances among themajestic trees, picking up the scents floating between the undergrowth and the tops of thecrowns: scents awakening in the morning, bathed in the shade during the day, and immersed in amysterious aura in the evening. Or to put it in a different words: intertwined with lush greenery inspring, ripening with forest fruit in summer, breathing in clouds of mist in autumn, and sleepingunder white down in winter.

You can also say that we grew up in the forest. Wooden toys have been created in our family forover 50 years. We say that when they leave our manufacture and wander to the most distantcorners of the world to give joy and make children smile, they still smell of trees and sound like therustle of leaves and needles. We have been telling this story about the power of communing withnature for three generations under the brand Wooden Story, which our customers adore.Therefore, it can be said that the fourth generation of our family - Justyna and Karol, theoriginators of the Windy Woods brand - is this wind dancing among the trees of the BeskidyMountains. Its fresh breeze mingles with the forest-adventure of Wooden Story and breathes newlife into it.

We have created Windy Woods for the youngest children to whom we want to pass on the love for the forest and its fruits from the first days of their lives. And also for their parents, for whom forest scents will be an escape to nature, even in the middle of the busiest day. We have enchanted this love and this escape in natural cosmetics that protect health, and at the same time, thanks only to glass packaging, also nature, which has been a great inspiration for us for decades. We can safely say that Windy Woods is a new invitation to our world.
Justyna & Karol