Did you know that approximately one plastic truck ends up in oceans every minute? And with thecurrent rate of growth of plastic production and consumption, there will be two trucks in 2030 andfour trucks in 2050!
The ecological drama is happening right before our eyes and we must act immediately to stop thisdisaster. Of course, we do not think that we will fix the world right away. But we strongly believethat we are able to change single facts and that is why we pack our cosmetics in environmentallyfriendly glass bottles and jars.We do not fight plastic or call for a boycott. Instead, we decided to create an alternative for it.
We hope that it will be used by customers who share our concern for the natural environment andthus for the future of our children. We want to create a cleaner world for them, and despite manychallenges we are facing because of the use of glass packaging, we decided to take it up. It is anexpression of our consistency and responsibility for our common future..