When Justyna and Karol found out that they would become parents they started looking forcosmetics recommended for pregnant women and for the youngest children. Being brought upamong forests and connected to nature from early childhood, they hoped to find 100% naturalshampoos, belly oils, bubble baths, soaps and creams. Preferably with a forest aroma, smelling oftheir childhood.
The choice of products was very limited and only a few of them, which we managed to find, hadenvironmentally friendly packaging, while all the rest was closed in plastic. One of the basic valuespassed down from generation to generation in our family, and at the same time in force at WoodenStory, is respect for nature.
We thought that there are more people like us. And because of this we came up with the idea.Wooden idea. Or, if you prefer, the wind blew, bringing us a solution that smells like a forest. Wejust named the idea - Windy Woods.